Published Fri 16 Feb 2024

Myrtleford Golf Club Bulletin – February 16th, 2024

Men’s Comp.

Last Saturday, an excellent field of 44 players played in the final round of the Rigoni Shield.

Spider Hancock and Dick Matthews burnt up the field with an amazing 50 points, runners up on a countback, were Crackers McKerral and Doc Rossato, from Will McKerral and Harry McKerral, Paul Cowman and Jade Galvan, Rosco Tanner and Jon Mercuri, all on 45 points

Last Wednesday, 13 players played Stableford.

Following a violent windstorm the night before, the course was a mess, but it didn’t worry Fox O’Donohue and Rocky Rockliff who both hit an exceptionally 37, with Fox winning on a countback.

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Rigoni Shield

  1. S Hancock & D Matthews Vs. 8 B Bynon & K Kennedy
  2. P Tanner & J Mercuri Vs. 5 P Evans & A Rockliff
  3. J McPherson & B Wheeler Vs. 6 C McKerral & D Rossato
  4. A & H McKerral Vs. 7 C Shewell & W Rowney

1st round of the Matchplay rounds must be completed on or before 3/3/2024


Working bee to remove branches, this Sunday from 8.00am, chainsaws, trailers required - lets knock it over in a couple of hours. James McPherson has secured his father’s tip truck, Simon and Matthew Crisp are supplying their cherry picker, Ben Holmes to drive and Rocky is bringing over his excavator. More hands make light work. A snag and a beer afterwards. Our firewood in Bynon’s paddock has been sold.

A Huge SHOUT OUT to Blackie, Brad Carroll and John Costello for coring the greens last Sunday. It was planned to go into Monday, but they knocked it over in one afternoon. Certainly not the best way to spend a Sunday - the Club certainly appreciates your work.

The Correctional Team came down last Wednesday and picked up sticks following the windstorm.

Ladies Comp

Last Tuesday, 10 ladies played in a stroke event.

With the greens cored the day before, I thought good scores would have been difficult, but Liz Orton played exceptionally well with a net 70, runner up Marnie Broz with a net 73. Great to see Pat McPherson and Loretta Wales getting their first card in on a very hot day - Well done ladies.

Yesterday, 10 ladies played in lovely weather.

Fay McLees hit her straps with a great 33 points, 5 ladies on 32 – Kerry Newton, Sarah Deas, Barb Welch, Liz Orton and Jan Roseby, Kerry runner up.

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NEDGA Opening Day

Myrtleford Golf Club was only represented by 3 members last Sunday at their Opening Day, this was disappointing, we are part of the NEDGA, we play pennant and participate in their Championship (Trout NE Champion). We can do better!!

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Recycling Cans and bottles

Thanks to members who have brought their cans and bottles up to the Clubhouse.

Tiny Town grant

We have received news this week that we have Alpine Shire support in our application for a government grant to upgrade the front of our Clubhouse in particular the disability access to the club house.

Committee Meeting


  1. Recreational Reserve have lodged a new grant on behalf of the golf club for $79,000 to upgrade works on the 3rd, 17th and flood impacted area on the 15th.
  2. New Members

Peter Smith Nathan Ford Andrew Loftus Shaun Smith

Narelle Smith Pat McPherson Loretta Wales George Whitford

The Club welcomes you all.

  1. Finances: profit last month was over $12,000. For the first three months, our competition fees are up $5,600 (thank you), green fees/cart hire up $17,000, and membership fees up $3,600. More importantly, our costs are below budget.
  2. Caravan Group: we plan to invite the Australian Caravan Group to our Club for dinner on April 17th
  3. Golf Australia Magazine will be visiting our Club next Wednesday to take photos and write a story.


The programme for the next two weeks:





Saturday 17th

Par 8.00-12.30pm

J Martin, J McPherson

Tuesday 20th

Stroke 8.30-9.00am

Wednesday 21st

GA Workshop 7.15am

Wednesday 21st

Stableford 8 30- 9.30am

Thursday 22nd

Par 8.00-12.30pm

Saturday 24th

Stableford 8 30- 9.30am

P Tanner, S Hancock

Monday 26th

NE Vets Bright.

Tuesday 27th

Stableford 8 30- 9.30am

B Newton, J Harper, S Kelly

Wednesday 28th

Stableford 8 30- 9.30am

Thursday 29th

Stableford 8 30- 9.30am

Saturday 2nd

Monthly Medal

Tuesday 5th

Monthly Medal 8.30-9.00am

J Roseby, L Dwyer, H Mummery

Wednesday 6th

Stableford 8 30- 9.30am

Thursday 7th

Captain Vs President 8.30-9.00

Saturday 9th

Stableford 8.00-12.30pm

P Stewart, C Piazza

Sunday 10th

Rotary 2 Player Ambrose

Tuesday 12th

Stroke 8.30-9.00am

R Ternes, A Hazeldine, A O’Shaughnessy

Wednesday 13th

Stableford 8 30- 9.00am

Alpine Classic

Entries have now closed

Over 156 players have entered.

GA Workshop 21st February

Golf Australia Strategic Plan workshop –

- Next Wednesday 21st February 7.15am for two hours. We will have a light breakfast available, then golf.

For catering purposes, please reply to this email if attending.

Myrtleford Rotary 2 Player Ambrose

Date March 10th, 9.00-9.30am

$50 a team, great prizes and lunch

Names on notice board please.

May be an image of 2 people, people playing American football and text that says "I HOPE He WANTS TO BE ALONE WITH ΜΕ TOMORROW I HOPE SHE LETS ME GOLF TOMORROW Bob Meadows"

May be an image of 2 people, people golfing, golf course and text that says "@flushingitgolf "For some time, my wife's had this ridiculous idea that I'm playing too much golf. Actually, it came to a head at about 11.30 last night. She suddenly shouted at me: Golf, golf, qolf. All you ever think about is bloody golf!' And I'll be honest, it frightened the life out of me. mean, you don't expect to meet somebody on the 14th green at that time of night." RIP Ronnie Corbett"

Good Hitting.



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