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Par 3 Men's: 130 metres Index: 18

Par 3 Ladies: 122 metres Index: 18

An elevated tee with a short iron to the centre of the raised green is ideal as the green is protected in front by a grass bunker and a Cypress tree. Any bad miss left right or long will create a different up and down.

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Par 4 Men's: 318 metres Index: 10

Par 4 Ladies: 285 metres Index: 12

Tight dogleg right with a restriction on the right to avoid any attempt at a short cut off the tee, so play for position on the left side of the fairway leaving yourself 100m in. The green is a long narrow sloping away both sides with undulating mounds close causing issues trying to get up and down. 

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Par 4 Men's: 361 metres Index: 4

Par 4 Ladies: 312 metres Index: 6

A dogleg right with large pines protecting the right side. A tee shot down the left side to the 150m is about the best you can expect. The green is sloping from back to front with out of bounds closer than it looks on the left side with a severe drop off behind the green if you are long. Try to leave yourself below the hole.

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Par 4 Men's: 247 metres Index: 16

Par 4 Ladies: 323 metres Index: 14

A short dogleg left with out of bounds in the SPEEDWAY (left) requires an accurate long iron to the centre of the fairway avoiding the grass mound. This leaves you a short wedge to the green but any shot lost to the right will fall away down the valley of sin creating a tough up and down for par.

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Par 4 Men's: 390 metres Index: 2

Par 5 Ladies: 380 metres Index: 4

One of the toughest driving tests you will encounter on the day. Keep it on the fairway with a tee shot from right to left if you want to avoid a big number. This will see most players second shot coming from back to front. Short in front is a good miss.

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Par 4 Men's: 340 metres Index: 6

Par 4 Ladies: 326 metres Index: 8

A straight tee shot between the goal posts so to speak is required to leave you with a short iron to a green protected front right by a well-used grass bunker that creates the illusion of a false front. An uphill putt is recommended as any putt coming from above the hole can build speed quickly.

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Par 5 Men's: 465 metres Index: 12

Par 5 Ladies: 420 metres Index: 2

A slight dogleg right that is lined with trees from tee to green ready to cut short any wayward shots. A good tee anywhere on the fairway can give you a shot at a small undulated green and an easy Par.

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Par 3 Men's: 153 metres Index: 14

Par 3 Ladies: 130 metres Index: 16

An uphill raised sloping green with a false front protecrted on the right by an angry tree that will deny any wayward shots.

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Par 4 Men's: 300 metres Index: 8

Par 4 Ladies: 300 metres Index: 8

Dogleg left to an uphill green. The tee shot needs to be centre left, as the right side may make an otherwise easy shot into the green somewhat challenging thanks to the large overhanging tree on the right side. From the bottom of the hill, it's just under 100m to the centre of the green which is protected front right by the only bunker on the course. Consider taking an extra club given the extra elevation.

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Par 4 Men's: 335 metres Index: 5

Par 4 Ladies: 323 metres Index: 9

A dogleg right from an elevated tee you need to be positioned on the left side of the fairway to have a clear shot to the green due to the large trees on the right, restricting any second shot in from too far back. The green is long and guarded by large pine on the front right so, the centre of the green is best your best option.

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Par 5 Men's: 463 metres Index: 15

Par 5 Ladies: 395 metres Index: 11

A straight hole with water and a large tree on the left that requires a good tee shot finishing on the right to allow you to have a shot at the green.

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Par 4 Men's: 317 metres Index: 11

Par 4 Ladies: 295 metres Index: 13

A straight hole with an elevated tee that increases that demand for a straight one due to trees lining both sides of the fairway. The rights half allows for easy access to the green that slopes back to front with a steep drop off behind. Water on the left.

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Par 4 Men's: 340 metres Index: 9

Par 4 Ladies: 321 metres Index: 5

Plays as a slights dog leg with a large tree on the left. A deep drain punishes any tee shot lost to the right. The green is picturesque against the hills behind, but this plays on your depth perception when assessing your second shot. The green is protected by a grass mound short right and a steep drop off directly behind the green, giving you a tough up and down challenge.

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Par 3 Men's: 146 metres Index: 17

Par 3 Ladies: 126 metres Index: 17

Slightly uphill with a large tree diverting your eyes from the tee. The green is long with a drop off on the left and a grass mound front right creating a false front.

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Par 4 Men's: 400 metres Index: 1

Par 4 Ladies: 323 metres Index: 3

Playing from a slightly elevated tee with water hazard on the left being a picturesque trout stream. This tee shot must find the fairway with the left side rewarding the brave with a shorter line to the green. The second shot is always better left below the hole, as it can run quick from above the hole.

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Par 3 Men's: 160 metres Index: 13

Par 3 Ladies: 146 metres Index: 15

A slight uphill shot with an open grass pasture close down the left being out of bounds. Trees on the right. The centre of the green is rewarded by and easy putt in an direction.

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Par 5 Men's: 447 metres Index: 7

Par 5 Ladies: 393 metres Index: 7

A classic risk reward hole with out of bounds on the left for the entire length. Treen guard the "bailout" right side, with a good drive down the centre, you could be within reach of the green or at least setup for a short third. The green is split into a lower and upper tier that can create some tough putts above the hole coming back down. 

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Par 4 Men's: 392 metres Index: 3

Par 4 Ladies: 330 metres Index: 1

Uphill and out of bounds on the left side that has ruined many good scores. Even with a good tee shot most players will still be well outside the 150m markers for their second shot. The green is quick with drop offs creating tough short game challenges from all sides. Below the hole when the greens are fast is recommended. 

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Par 2 Mens: 23 metres Index: 19

Par 2 Ladies: 23 metres Index: 19

Complete with air conditioning, a lovely balcony overlooking the 18th green and a licenced bar, the Myrtleford 19th is a deceptive 23m in length. The 19th looks short, but plays long, and is the ideal place to wind down after a delightlful round of our beautiful golf course. Come in and say g'day.

(Please note that our clubhouse is volunteer manned on competition days, certain busy periods, by special arrangment and add-hoc)

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